Working Papers

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Recent Publications :

  • Fairness and Inflation Persistence (2004). Journal of the European Economic Assocation, 2(2/3), pp. 240-252.
  • Does Bank Lending Affect Output? Evidence From the U.S. States (2004). Journal of Monetary Economics, 51(3), pp. 451-471.
  • (with Steinar Holden)Inflation Persistence and Relative Contracting (2003). American Economic Review , 93(4), pp. 1369-1372.
  • (with Harumi Ito) Sticky Prices, Coordination and Enforcement(2003), Topics in Macroeconomics 3(1),Article 10
  • Lecture notes:

    Lecture notes for one semester of a first-year graduate course in macroeconomics. Free for anyone's use. Comments on the manuscript sent to the following e-mail address would be very welcome: